​​​​CSD 2024
      Information Pack



​    Now accepting enrolments ​​​​​​​​​for 2024
Classes recommence  Monday 29th  January ​
      Limited Spaces Available​


Thank you for your recent enquiry seeking to join us in 2024.  The following information is provided to give you an idea of the workings of CSD.

Dance is a fantastic environment for children to develop self-awareness and co-ordination as well as assist in the students’ ability to undertake technical direction and participate in a class situation.  Dance promotes self-confidence whilst helping to establish new friendships.

CSD was established in 1994.  Here at CSD we strive to provide quality professional training for your children in all genres of dance disciplines.  We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to dance within their own abilities in a positive, friendly, safe non-competitive atmosphere.Class sizes are capped so as all our students receive adequate attention.
We also provide the ability for our students to sit external British Ballet Organization examinations.  External examinations, whilst not compulsory provide and independent indication of how your child is progressing throughout the genres.

We have two major performances throughout the year; a mid-year cabaret at Ferraro Reception and Function Centre  Campbellfield  SATURDAY 29th  JUNE and an end of year production at Plenty Ranges arts and convention centre FRIDAY 15th NOVEMBER

Costumes are purchased or made for you by CSD.  We endeavour to use costumes for both performances whenever possible. (approx. cost $45-$65 Juniors/ Inters $50 - $80 Seniors.)

Our studio factory is located at 6/10 Lawn Court Craigieburn.  Having our own dedicated dance space affords us the luxury of having mirrors, barres and a tarkett dance floor surface.

Dance Genres Available at CSD


​The most technical of dance forms with its own vocabulary based on French terminology.  Ballet establishes correct posture, technique and control.  It is the most disciplined of all the dance genres which provides the fundamentals for all genres of dance.


​A fun class aiming to establish basic technique and musicality through the use of interactive music and props. (Please note this is a 30 minute class designed for ages 2.5 - 5 yrs)

A rhythmical and musical style of dance where children learn percussive style

                        A fun upbeat classes with jazz technique often to current music hits

​​​​​​​​HIP HOP
A fun class derived from ​ urban/ street dance

                                       This genre ​incorporates song, dance and acting to musical theatre songs

                                    Our acro students learn core strength as well as acrobatic skills                                    such as cartwheels, walkovers and various other tricks whilst incorporating dance moves



 TERM TWO 15th  APRIL - 29th   JUNE

 TERM THREE 15th JULY - 21st SEP

  TERM FOUR 7th OCT - 7th   DEC


Term fees are due and payable within the first 3 weeks of term.
Payment plans are available for those who have difficulties in paying a lump sum. Please feel free to discuss this with us.
Weekly payments are acceptable with the understanding that missed classes must be paid for.
Refunds are not given for missed classes or change of mind. The full term fee fill apply regardless of how many weeks of term have been attended. The only exception being serious illness / injury where refunds may be available at the discretion of the administrative staff.
There is no opportunity to attend make-up classes for missed lessons.
Family discounts are available to those with more than one sibling attending the school. 10% will be taken of the first genre for the term. Discounts will not apply if not paid before the fee due date.
All unpaid accounts will incur a 10% administration fee.
2024 prices - First discipline $14.50 per class, second $14.00 third $12.00 subsequent classes $9.
                                Fairy Ballet / Preschool jazz $10
                                Combo classes (1hr class 2 disciplines​​)$15

Failure to pay accounts may result in them being sent to a third party for collection.



Students are not permitted to attend another dance studio whilst enrolled at CSD without the express permission of CSD.  This is to not only avoid any conflicts with regards to training, it also ensures there are no conflicts of dates (festivals, cabarets, concerts, rehearsals, exams etc)


Students must arrive on time to all classes so as to avoid disruptions to other students and teachers whilst class is in session.

Students must arrive in appropriate dance attire for their genre.

All students are expected to treat teachers and official CSD helpers with respect.  Rudeness or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Mobile phones are not permitted in class.

CSD has a strictly no bullying policy.  Students who are seen to be bullying others will be asked to leave the studio.

No food is permitted in the studio.

Please leave the studio clean and tidy.

Classes may be viewed from the viewing window in the foyer.  Please check the current level of covid restrictions, If this is prohibited  we respectfully ask that parents drop students and go or wait in their cars

Please ensure the foyer is kept clean and tidy.

Do not allow siblings to stand on chairs or couches at the viewing window.

Please leave all money for snacks purchased in the foyer in the envelope provided.  Please note these are not free and provide fundraising for the school.

Please escort small children to and from classes.  Small children can be unpredictable and can often move quickly in between cars without being visible.

Children are not permitted to play in the carpark at any time.

No ball games are permitted in the car park.

Keep speed to 5k whilst in the car park. Do not double park.


                                  ​​​​​​​​​​​GENERAL - Children should arrive for class in suitable dance attire. Jeans, jean shorts, skirts and school wear are not permitted. Hair should be neatly off the face. Ballet students must wear a bun. No jewellery is to be worn in class with the exception of studs or sleepers. Watches, fit bits, bracelets or neck laces are not permitted. Detailed performance and exam requirements are available on our website. CSD has an official dance uniform consisting of various suitable items suitable for class.

Junior students must have well-fitting full sole leather shoes in order to correctly support the feet.  It is important that shoes fit correctly we do not recommend you buy shoes that are not correctly fitted by a dancewear professional.  Older students may progress to split sole leather shoes.  CSD recommends the use of MDM ballet shoes. Pointe shoes or foot undeez are only required when instructed by teachers.  Children will not be permitted to have pointe shoes until the correct stage of training has been attained.
Hair must be in a bun.  No Jewellery is permitted with the exception of sleeper or studs This includes watches and fit bits.

All ballet students must wear leotards and theatrical pink tights no black leggings.  Ballet students may wear skirts or fitted jazz shorts at the discretion of the teacher.  Warm up clothes may also be worn but may be asked to be removed so that correct corrections can be given. T-shits, baggy jumpers are not to be worn during class.

All jazz students must wear pull on tan jazz shoes, please note there are various styles available any pull on style is acceptable. Bare feet for acrobatics
                                Students must have hair tied neatly off the face.  Students must wear dance attire such as dance pants, dance shorts, crop tops or leotards
Hair neatly off the face
Suitable dance attire, crops, shorts, dance pants, hip hop pants, runners with non-marking sole for b
Students must have hair tied neatly off the face.  Students must wear dance attire such as dance pants, dance shorts, crop tops or leotards.  Juniors must have flat heels.  Grade 5 and above may have Cuban heel please discuss with staff before purchase