Performance requirement information for new parents and students

All students are required to have a high bun with no fringes. Please use spray and gel to prevent frizz. Tap and jazz students will also require a viva fiesta curly wiglet (available most dancewear stores). The bun placement should be high on the head so that the wiglet curls can be visible from the front. S Intermediate and above are to wear viva fiesta long wavy pony tails (not the straight pony tail). Hip hop students will be required to have hair styles as directed by teachers.

Students are not permitted to wear jewellery in any form for a performance; this includes earrings, studs and any other body piercing.  This also includes neck laces, bracelets, watches and fitbits.  Seniors are permitted to wear crystal studs – which must be purchased through the school so as they are all uniform in size.

Undies should not be visible under costumes. Students who wish to wear them must wear flesh /skin coloured dance or high cut undies. Regular coloured / floral undies should NEVER be worn!!
Students may also wear bodystockings. Bras appropriate to the costume may be worn – again these are to be skin coloured only – there should be no straps visible.



All junior / intermediate jazz and tap students are to wear skintone matt tights.  Ballet tights are to be theatrical pink (white pink) in colour. All tights must be seamless.

ALL shoes should be clean for a performance. It is important for students to take pride in their appearance. All  Jazz shoes are to be a pull on style tan in colour. Ballet shoes must have elastic - no ribbons (with the exception of pointe shoes).


All students must wear foundation, blush, black eyeliner, black mascara and lipstick.
Juniors -​blue eyeshadow 
​Please remember our cabaret has no real “stage” lighting so there is no need to over emphasize the eyes. Students must wear a bright reddish / pink lipstick.
intermediate and above - brown eyeshadow.  ALL intermediate and above must wear  false eyelashes size D.




All costumes must be covered from the audience by a dressing gown or a jacket. Students who borrow costumes may only wear them for the performance then remove them. Costumes will be used again for the end of year performance.