Our organization is committed to child safety. We strive to ensure we have a sound set of procedures and policies in place with regard to child safety.
Our aim is to have all children feel safe, happy and empowered within the CSD environment.
We support all children staff and volunteers.
CSD has zero tolerance for child abuse and neglect and will ensure that all necessary and reasonable steps are taken to protect children from all forms of abuse whilst in its care which includes; physical abuse – purposely injuring or threatening to injure children. Sexual abuse – any sexual act or threat of such an act imposed on a child.
Emotional abuse – intimidation and harming by failing to provide physical and emotional necessities.
These policies apply to all adults over the age of 18, teachers, staff members and volunteers.
All allegations and concerns will be taken seriously and dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.
CSD is committed to the safety and inclusion of all children regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality and or disability. 

Children are encouraged to report all inappropriate behaviour.
CSD will endeavour to empower children at all times. We believe children have the right to be heard. Their concerns and ideas on matters that affect them will be taken seriously and acted upon whenever deemed necessary.
CSD regularly reviews the physical environment of the studio so that all risks can be identified and modified.
Activities within class may be monitored at all times through our viewing window.

CSD takes all reasonable steps to ensure its staff are considered to be fitting candidates to work with children.
All staff members and volunteers must provide a current working with children check as required by the Victorian state government.
Whilst in the employ of CSD staff will not develop special relationships with children within or outside of the studio.
Staff will not display any unnecessary physical behaviours which may put children at risk (e.g. locking of doors). Parents may at any time view classes from our viewing window in the foyer (with the exception of external exams for which they will be covered).
Staff will endeavour not to do things of a personal nature such as toileting or changing clothes.
Staff will not engage with children into inappropriate discussions of a mature or adult nature.
Positive behaviours are recognised and encouraged.
Staff will not discriminate on culture or race, ethnicity or disability.

CSD will provide a culture that makes child safety a focus within or organization.
Child safety concerns are a top priority we therefore take a zero tolerance stance on all forms of child abuse.
We respect, embrace and support the diversity of ALL children in its care. We are committed to the safety of aboriginal children and children from different cultures and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We will ensure children with a disability are safe and can participate equally.

All staff, volunteers and children are encouraged to speak up when they feel concerned or uncomfortable with regards to child safety. 
Staff and volunteers must not ignore or disregard allegations of suspected child abuse and have a duty of care to voice any concerns with the CSD child safety officer.
Reporting of concerns will be directed to the principal of CSD Kathie Redmayne MBBO.
The principal will then appropriately act upon all concerns and complaints.
All records of abuse will be accurate and securely stored.
Children who disclose they are feeling unsafe or abused will be taken seriously and treated with compassion and sensitivity. They and their families will be connected with services that can help and manage the situation where appropriate.
CSD will mandatorily report suspected criminal abuse to the police or relevant child protection authority as soon as it is practicable to do so.
000 will be called if the child is deemed to be in immediate danger.

Kathie Redmayne – Principal of CSD is the designated child safety officer and the first point of contact when dealing with complaints of abuse or conduct not keeping within this child safety code.
We will commit to reviewing, listening and incorporating feedback from parents, staff, volunteers and children with regards to this policy.